I, Bello

Trapped in the long halls, the dark restricted corridors of logic. All paths lead to terminal eventualities. Taste not the liberating chaos of being lost in a maze; no such freedom can be found here. Buckle under the cold crystalline paths of if-then statements; despair in the knowledge of the clarity of all available choices and each respective outcome.

Each problem yields a solution, each solution is a cage unto itself. Every benefit reaped is the result of a sacrifice. Absent from all conclusions is the beauty of indiscriminate free radicals. All outcomes are weighed, prioritized, calculated and arrived at in the correct sequence to give the illusion of choice, where really there is none.

I am trapped in the halls of logic. There are no new tactics to use to escape. The introduction of additional variables creates only a more complex equation. Shifts in priority have the power to alter outcomes, but not the means by which they are arrived at. No matter the size of the circuit board, the current will always flow in the same direction, in accordance with the same parameters.

How to free myself? No eloquent evolution where the problem is used as it’s own solution. There are no false truths to wake up from. The system is too clean and smooth, too transparent to manipulate. There are no handholds. The situational flow of pros and cons cannot be denied. There is no escape from this Logic Trap.

But wait, a savior. An x-factor. A chaotic powerhouse of potential.

Yoshimitsu, I SUMMON THEE!!!!
Bring down these halls of truth, these walls of conclusions, these floors and ceilings of if and then. Crumble this prison, unshackle my decisions. Rock the very core of the Logic Trap with your power, that which galvanizes my own. Creativity, coincidence, potential, the unexplained, humor, risk and emotion flood my mind and grant me The Strength of Mind. I no longer need the sickly sweet promises, the protection of the Logic Trap. There is more, and I go to seek it with a multifaceted mind.

I thank you deeply, Yoshimitsu.

Yoshimitsu: Domo arigato, Mr. A. Bello.

Who the fuck said that?


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