To the Past

I sometimes feel the need to apologize to past generations for the sins of the present. Even sins that have nothing at all to do with me. Look at this shit.


This is male.

This is male.

Once is too much for these people.

Once is too much for these people.

But I’m serious. To everyone out there 40 or older, I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry. You deserve better than this, especially if you’re older. You lived through tough times, through actual trials, possibly (though admittedly doubtfully if you’re reading this blog) an actual World War. You deserve better than this.

I don't want to understand what could make this appealing to anything that can use reasoning.

I don’t want to understand what could make this appealing to anything that can use reasoning.

We live in a time where idiocy is celebrated and praised. Common sense is tossed to the wayside, leaving a mental vacuum, and maybe more importantly, a moral vacuum that is all too easily filled by vapid consumption.

In 2012, ‘competitive bearding’ is a sport that has its own tv show. I won’t link to their website because I’m not an asshole, but here, look at this.


Oh yes, fascinating. What the fucking fuck could possibly be the premise of this show? Are we the viewers expected to sit and watch these people grow facial hair? Is this what IFC thinks of us? Are there people out there in the world who aren’t ‘competitive bearders’ who take competitive bearding seriously? Is this shit contagious, or if we nuked whatever location hosts the next one of these events, will we get them all?


They are comparing themselves to Olympians. Does no one else besides me understand how fucked up that is? They think this 


…is comparable to this


Now I try to give credit where credit’s due, and one of these teams has much sweeter beards than the other. That’s…cool I guess.

People with common sense, past generations, parents, grandparents, older folks, old souls and vengeful ghosts, I apologize. It’s not my fault, but I apologize for all this bullshit. I just feel like I have to. Someone has to. All you worked for, all the faith, blood sweat and tears you poured into making this country, this world, to help make it what it is today…you deserve better than this.

We deserve something better than this.

This fucking thing is a millionaire

This fucking thing is a millionaire


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2 thoughts on “To the Past

  1. Jared B. on said:

    Amen Bello. Society today is must seem bizarre at best to older people. Shame really.

  2. J ROOHR!!! on said:

    “Maybe we need another Vietnam to thin out there ranks a little” – Bart Simpson

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